The Nuncio in Iran on the crisis with the US: the Pope prays, there is concern

“The weapon of the negotiation and justice must be used,” Archbishop Leo Boccardi, the Papal Nuncio to Iran said on the tense situation and consequent protests against the assassination of Iranian Major-General Solemaini by the US  airstrike at Bagdad airport.

Iranian Major-General killing was sparked by a series of escalating attacks between the U.S. and Iranian-backed forces. It began with the Iranian-supported militia attacking a coalition base in Kirkuk on Friday 27 Dec 2019, the attack killed an American contractor and left several US troops injured. In response, the US bombarded five Kataib Hezbollah targets in Iraq and Syria and the drones its military bases near Iraq’s border with Syria, which killed 25 people and  51 wounded. In retaliation for this attack Militia supporters attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad by setting fire to the wall.

The killing of solemaini has raised anxiety in the Holy See which closely follows with Pope Francis the evolution of the situation and prays for peace. The Pope has been informed about the entire situation after the killing of General Solemaini. All this creates concern and demonstrates how difficult it is to build and believe in peace, explains Archbishop Nuncio, stressing that constructive politics is at the service of peace and that therefore the entire international community must put itself at the service of peace, not only in the Middle East region but in the entire world as well.

“At this difficult and delicate moment, the important is the tensions must be lowered and all parties need to believe in negotiation and dialogue, Knowing that history has always taught us, that war and weapons are not the solutions to the problems that afflict today’s world, “ Nuncio said, further he added, “We must give up the conflict and strengthen ourselves with the other “weapons” of justice and goodwill”.

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